Articulate, organized and persuasive grant writer with more than six years of experience in assisting non-profit organizations and government agencies identify, apply for, and receive significant external funding from foundations and other sources. Accustomed to researching and analyzing strategic, and operational issues to convert them into actionable fundraising opportunities that align with broader organizational objectives. Known for clear, factual, and supportable proposals that maximize the chances of obtaining funding. Exceptional interpersonal, communications and collaborative liaison skills.



Helping nonprofits exceed expectations, grow funding and increase capacity to advance their mission.



Enhance the quality of life by working with nonprofits that believe anything is possible.


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Racial Equity In The Nonprofit World


Despite going through an extraordinary year, I remained focus and continued to read, study, and develop my skills as a grant writer. Why? Because it’s my job to represent underserved communities in grant applications honestly and meticulously.

As I read The Kaiser Family Foundation/Washington Post Survey on Political Rally going and Activism: Key Findings, I found that an unprecedented number of foundations and philanthropic infrastructure organizations have added racial equity explicitly to their communications and programming.

After reading this article, it sparked something within. We all need to demonstrate our altruistic nature. Show more consideration of others, no matter what nationality or gender. If there is going to be a change in our society, we have to transform. We can no longer sit around and wait for one person to lead the way. We all know what to do. But will we?

I’m now reading the 2019 Guide to Racial Justice in Grantmaking created by the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity. This article is based on a large qualitative study of foundations around the U.S. Although what I’ve been reading as of late is about the other side of the coin; what grantmakers should be doing, helps me think about what grantmakers might be looking for in the nonprofits they fund and how I can guide organizations I work with. If you want to read this for yourself, you have to get on their email list to download it, but I think it’s worth it.

While we still have a long way to go for racial equity and justice in the nonprofit arena, I am determined to do my part. Kristin from Grant Writing Made Easy forwarded several foundations that align its philosophy and operations with pursuing racial justice goals.

Send me an email at, and I will forward you the list of nonprofits geared towards racial injustice and racial equity.



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Success of grant proposals depends on four factors

The quality of

the nonprofit


The innovative nature

or critical importance

of your program or project

The emerging

priorities of a

funding source

The skills of the

grant writer.

That’s where I come in.

Why work with me?

  • I love spending hours doing background research and finding every last shred of information to develop common points of interest between grantees and grantors.
  • To get your project or program noticed, I determine methods of relationship cultivation, communication, and recognition that might appeal to specific funders.
  • I analyze the values, purposes, and goals of fund-seeking entities’ overall strategic plans in the grants process.
  • I establish work strategies for submitting your high-quality proposals on time.
  • A special ability to capture the critical value of every applicant and persuasively convey that importance to funding agencies and corporations.
  • Knowledge, developed through my experience as a grant peer reviewer, of how funding sources think and how they perceive incoming applications.
  • Familiarity with business operations, and specifically with the budget analysis and forecasting that plays such a crucial role in every grant application.
Achievement          .          Community          .          Creativity          .          Dependability          .          Encouragement Ethics          .          Making a difference          .          Proactive          .          Success          .          Resourcefulness
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